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Make your child feel like a princess in our lightweight children's wigs made from premium remy human hair. This wig is soft, natural and will be as close to your child's natural hair as possible. Available in 3 great lengths for girls and a range of beautiful hair colours.


Available in 3 lengths:

Short $2190.00  - Crown to bottom is 16" with 12" layers on top (Approx 116 grams)

Mid $2540.00 - Crown to bottom is 18" with 14" layers on top (Approx 132 grams)

Long $2890.00 - Crown to bottom is 20" with 16" layers on top (Approximately149 grams)

Our children's wig are made in a light density, which means they are lighter to wear and more natural feel for kids. All pieces can be custom styled to suit each child individually. 

Available in 3 cap sizes sizes for children (see size chart) and 2 different types of cap types. Caps can come standard with a front comb and clips or they can come with silicone linining. The silicone gripper wigs are suitable for full hair loss. 

شعر مستعار الأميرة للأطفال مقاس 20 بوصة

  • طول الشعر

    قصير: إجمالي 16 بوصة 

    منتصف: إجمالي 18 بوصة

    طويل: إجمالي 20 بوصة

    كثافة الشعر كثافة منخفضة / خفيفة
    كاب البناء توب فرنسي من الحرير خفيف الوزن
    حجم الغطاء الأطفال S / M / L
    نوع الشعر شعر ريمي بشري ممتاز
    خيارات الغطاء قياسي أو سيليكون
    SKU BHB- الأميرة


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